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     * Search Analytics Term Search Box
    var uri = $uri;
    var preserve = $params;
    var searchQuery = $query;
    var searchTerm = $term;
    <form class="mt-search-input" method="get" action=(uri)>
        foreach (var paramName:paramValue in preserve where paramName != "term") {
            <input type="hidden" name=(paramName) value=(paramValue) />
        // we're in search query view mode
        if (searchQuery) {
            <input type="hidden" name="query" value=(searchQuery) />
            // user is on the detailed view, provide a back link
            <span class="back">
                <a href=(uri & preserve & {term: searchTerm})>
        } else {
            <label for=(@query)>wiki.localize("")</label>
            <input id=(@query) class="term" type="text" name="term" value=(searchTerm) />    
        <input class="search" type="submit" value=(wiki.localize("")) />
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